About Us

If there is a key factor contributing to the success of the Saginaw Bay Yacht Club one word would sum it up and that is “PRIDE.” The pride is partly due to the history and perseverance of its strong and loyal membership and their love for the Saginaw Bay Yacht Club.

With a membership of over 300 the Club has an interesting cross section of membership. Half of the membership are classified as Social Members benefits include use of the Club house, the ability to serve on the Board of Directors, carry one vote and would share in the dissolution of the Club.

The other half of the Club membership are classified Full Member that carries with it the use of the Clubhouse and all of its facilities, the ability to own, launch and moor a yacht on Club property, hold a dock, serve on the Board of Directors or as a Flag Officer, two votes, and interest in Club property and assets in the event of dissolution. There are more classifications of membership these being the two most popular. For further information on membership please tab to “Membership.”

The Club has full dining and lounge facilities. There are plenty of activities here to keep everyone involved and enjoying the social life of the Club. We offer Mothers Day Brunch, Easter Brunch, Christmas Parties, New Years Parties, Men’s Night Party, Ladies Night Party, Venetian Night, Blessing of the Fleet and more. As a member you may also take advantage of your Club by hosting any number of events like birthday parties, graduations, retirements, showers and the like. Our food and staff are the best in the area. Our Chef, Harry, has over 25 years of experience as Chef at one of the top Restaurants in the Tri-Cities area. With the nautical ambiance of the Club, the manicured beauty of the grounds and the boating traffic on the Saginaw River it is truly an experience privy to the membership of the Saginaw Bay Yacht Club.

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