1. The General Manager/House Committee Chair is responsible to the Board of Directors for the correct and efficient operation of the Club and all it’s facilities, including the Dining Room. Members are requested to cooperate fully with the General Manager/House Committee Chair at all times. Members having complaints or suggestions regarding the Club and facilities are requested to direct them to the General Manager, or House Committee, the Vice Commodore being the chairman of this committee.

  2. Members are directly responsible for their children and their conduct in the club and on the club premises. Behavior should be courteous and considerate of other members, both inside and outside of the club house. The property of the members and the club is to be respected at all times. To prevent accidents, games should not be played on docks, in parking areas, on roadways, or along the seawalls. Use of the lawn in front of the club house for games will be at the discretion of the General Manager/House Committee Chair

  3. With regard to the Club Bar:

  1. No one under legal age can purchase alcoholic beverages.

  2. Only members and their guests may purchase alcoholic beverages.

  3. No alcoholic beverages will be sold after 2:00AM, and the Bar Room must be empty and closed by 2:30AM.

  4. Michigan law prohibits the sale of any alcoholic beverages from 9:00PM on Christmas Eve until 7:00AM on the day after Christmas.

  5. Children under the age of 21 cannot be seated at the bar.

  6. Food service may be ordered from the Lounge or the Dining Room menu. During peak Friday and Saturday evening hours, those wishing to order from the Dining Room menu are encouraged to be seated in the dining room to maximize availability or limited bar seating.

  1. State law requires that shoes be worn in the Club house at all times. Shirts, blouses, and/or suitable torso covering is also required. After 6:00PM acceptable proper attire (House Committee’s discretion) is required in the Dining Room.

  2. State law requires that there be no smoking in food service and food preparation areas, work areas and offices. The Clubhouse, Bath House, Maintenance Building and grounds adjacent to the Clubhouse as designated by the House Committee and Board of Directors will be smoke free. Smoking areas will be designated by the House Committee and Board of Directors.

  3. The bulletin board, which is located in the Club House, is for the primary purpose of posting such notices as may be required by the By-Laws, House and Dock rules, or otherwise ordered by the Board of Directors or its Committees. The House Committee may post all other notices and advertisements only after approval.

  4. No subscription paper shall be circulated, nor any article exhibited for sale in the Club House or premises without permission of the House Committee. No books, periodicals, trophies, works of art, or merchandise shall be placed in the Club House or on the premises without permission of the House Committee, who will also determine where they shall be placed, if allowed.

  5. No article of property shall be placed in or removed from the club house without permission of a Flag Officer.

  6. No member shall use the property of another without the other member’s permission. All property brought on the Club premises by a member or guest shall be at the owner’s risk.

  7. Any malicious destruction of property at the Club, or any injury to it, shall be paid by the members who shall have caused the same. The amount to be paid shall be determined by the House Committee. The nonpayment of any such amount after ten (10) days written notice thereof shall be sufficient cause for expulsion of the member by the Board of Directors.

  8. The Club house telephones are for local calls only.

  9. Dogs or other animals will not be allowed in the Club house except medically prescribed for the handicapped individuals.


  1. Regarding Guests:

    1. A member must be present with his (or her) guest. A member is not required to be with a guest that is his (or her) “designated significant other.”

    2. Visiting yachtsmen and members of recognized Private Clubs shall be allowed the privileges of the Club House after registering with the General Manager or the House Chairman.

    3. Misconduct on the part of any guest, upon any visit to the Club, may thereafter permanently exclude such person from the privileges of the Club at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The misconduct on the part of any guest shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring member relative to actions and/or damage.

  1. Specific club entertainment functions and receptions hosted by the club will be authorized by the General Manager and the Vice Commodore. On such occasions the Club house may be open to invited guests of members.

  2. Members may be requested to show their membership cards at any time, especially when requesting bar service.

  3. As provided in the By-Laws, member’s sons and daughters over 21 years of age attending college or in the Armed Services may use the facilities of the Club.

  4. From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend, member-sponsored private events may be scheduled, providing that this does not interfere with the Bar and Lounge areas for use by the membership; interfere with normal dining hours, or Club activities.

  5. No outside food or beverages will be allowed in the Club without the approval of the General Manager/House Committee Chair.

  6. Member sponsored private events, involving more than 25 non SBYC members and making use of the Club House or Grounds, must be authorized by the General Manager/House Committee Chair. It is assumed that such events will make use of Club bar and/or food service. Should that not be the case, a fee will be charged as determined by the General Manager/House Committee Chair.


  1. Members will verify and sign receipts for bar and dining room bills, which will be charged to their account and billed monthly. A service charge is automatically included to food and beverage items ordered. No tips or cash gratuity is permitted. A member’s guest may make payment for services via credit card or personal check. No cash payments will be accepted. In the absence of this payment or bank rejection of the personal check or credit charges, the member’s account will be debited for the charges.

  2. The named SBYC member will be financially responsible for his/her entire family, including “designated significant other” and all bills incurred. If members wish to curtail credit to any member of their family, a letter authorizing this curtailment must be presented to the General Manager/House Committee Chair.

  3. Accounts with any unpaid balance from the previous month will be charged a delinquency charge per month. After sixty (60) days, or two (2) months of delinquency, the member shall be notified by the Club via letter and phone call, that full payment must be made by the end of the current month to avoid suspension. After ninety (90) days, or three (3) months of delinquency, the member shall be placed on “suspension” and denied all privileges of the Club. At that time, a certified letter shall be sent to the member from the club notifying the member of such suspension and specifying that full payment by the next Board meeting, or within thirty days if there is no scheduled Board meeting that month, is required to prevent termination. After a maximum of one hundred twenty (120) days with an unpaid balance, the Board of Directors may terminate the member and the member so notified by the Club. The balance owing will be referred to a collection agency or small claims court.


  1. The General Manager/House Committee Chair is required to notify members of any violation of the by-laws, House Rules, or Dock Rules, and also report such violation to the House Committee and/or Board of Directors.

  2. The foregoing House Rules may be altered, amended, suspended, or repealed at any duly constituted meeting of the Board of Directors.